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Events Décor

Events Décor

The camera lens, designed to capture a snapshot in time, can be a critical and unforgiving tool. You only have one chance to make it right. Often times the backdrop and setting can be as crucial in determining the final outcome as the subject itself. Why not ensure perfection from the get-go by letting Kisumu Art House Weddings & Events create the perfect ambiance for your photoshoot. We specialize in a wide array of styling, flower arrangements, draping, and many other fine touches to ensure your fragment of time captured by the camera lens is perfect in every way.


You want your special day to be emblazoned in your memories forever. Kisumu Art House Weddings & Events will set the stage for an awe-inspiring, unforgettable event that will take everyone’s breath away. We specialize in creating a beautiful and inspiring ambiance that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

Kisumu Art House Weddings & Events caters to all tastes, ensuring complete customer satisfaction in executing the finest details to perfection. Let our experienced team bring your wedding fantasy to fruition, leaving you with a truly memorable experience, which is yours to cherish forever.

Why do the same, old boring thing that is the staple of most corporate events today? Kisumu Art House Weddings & Events will transform your ordinary corporate function into an event that will distinguish your company from the rest.

Our experienced and versatile team will work with you to execute a truly memorable event that conveys sophistication, elegance, and class to all those in attendance. We have extensive corporate event experience including a wide array of the industry as well as film festival parties.

Corporate doesn’t have to be bland. Let Kisumu Art House Weddings & Events make your event the talk of the industry.

Kisumu Art House Weddings & Events draping decor has the unique ability to expertly focus on all of the design elements that sets the mood and ambiance, including spectacular backdrops, specialty linens, dynamic lighting, and all the accouterments that complete the look.

Whether it is a corporate event, the wedding of your dreams, a bar/restaurant, fundraiser, product launch, or a small dinner party… the Kisumu Art House Weddings & Events décor team is here to guide you every step of the way, as we reach beyond and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.